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30th April 2016


Version 3.10 Released


28th Jan 2014

Version 3.9 Released





Welcome to FishInSight!

FishInSight Fishing Log software is the most advanced and innovative fishing log of its type on the market.

Specifically designed to work world wide and for all types of fishing, FishInSight is readily customizable for your specific location and fishing methods. 

Together with the powerful and flexible trip/catch logging functions, FishInSight  includes complete Sun/Moon, Solunar (Almanac) and Tide tables specific to your nominated location and valid till the year 2037. Times are auto-corrected for your time zone and daylight savings and are applicable worldwide.

Now released as Freeware!!!

FishInSight is written for Windows 98, XP, 2000 and NT.

  Feature List

Trip/Catch Log

Advanced Analysis

Sun/Moon Times

Advanced Solunar graphs

Fly Fishing Extensions

GPS Connectivity

Geographic Mapping

Hardcopy reports

Length-Weight Calculator




 What Users Say

"I chose FishInSight; no other program does so much so well."

"My fishing has improved dramatically within the past 30 days of using FishInsight. I strongly recommend it."

"It has worked! To any angler wanting to log their angling experiences and trips (and of course try to get better catch rates) I thoroughly recommend FishInSight. "