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Version 3.10

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Professional Version 3.10 Now Freeware!

FishInSight is now available under a freeware license. As of version 3.9, it no longer requires activation,  and previous users are encouraged to upgrade.

Version 3.10 has added the ability to export database values into comma separated text file for use in external applications.

The change to freeware licensing should help new and existing users to transition to new hardware into the future without encountering licensing constraints. No future upgrades are planned to this software, and hope existing users have enjoyed the application over the last decade or so.

FishInSight Professional is compatible with Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP.

Windows 7, 8 users may require administrator access to install and run the application.

Version 4.6

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FishInSight obtains tide information from the freeware WxTides32 application. This companion download is required if you wish to lookup tide information with FishInSight.

Wxtide32 is a Freeware GPL application, and may be freely distributed under the terms of their license. Please refer to for more information.

NB: FishInSight version 3.0 and earlier releases are not compatible with WxTides Version 4.2 and above.

Release Notes & News


30 April, 2016: Release 3.10 available.

Added CSV export capability (from File menu).


28th January, 2014: Release 3.9 available.

FishInSight 3.9 has now been release. Significantly, this release is now made under a freeware license, without need to register the program.  Thanks to all previous registered users, and good fishing to all.  If you find any problems with the new release please just drop me a line! Remember to backup before upgrading to the latest release!


23rd June 2007: Major Release 3.7 available.

Major release incorporating a new installer, misc bug fixes and several feature enhancements. See what's new in the help file.

10th September 2005: Major Release available.

Major release incorporating Esellerate Purchase and update functions for streamlined registration. Some misc bug fixes and rebranding to FishInSight Professional.

30th April 2005: Minor Release available.

Graphics Library update to support newer jpeg definitions.

Added new Map Preview window for easier map window scrolling.

Minor Bug fix in backup/restore, to prevent backup error stopping completion of operation.

30th April 2005: New website launched.

FishInSight launches a new look and feel website to enhance visitors understanding of all the features that FishInSight has to offer. Thanks very much to existing users for submission of Testimonials.

24th March 2005: Minor Release available.

Minor release to correct short date display in solunar graphs. Previous release was not referencing windows short date format configured under regional date/time settings from the Windows Control Panel.

24th February 2005: Minor Release available.

Minor performance improvement release.

Boot up processes have been streamlined, and for users with a large number of maps a significant performance increase should be apparent. Also, a minor fix has been applied to correct the Equipment Used entries within the trip reports.

11th February 2005: Minor Release available.

This version 3.0 update has been released to address some performance and operational issues within the software.

Primarily, several boot up operations have been streamlined, as well as a number of control enhancements and bug fixes. All users are recommended to upgrade to this release.

18th January 2005: Major Release 3.0.14 available.

This release signifies a major release of FishInSight, including several new features and enhancements.

Graphing Analysis

FishInSight now supports flexible graphing capabilities of your catch statistics. The user can configure their own graph definitions to review their fishing activities.

Table Filtering

All tables within the program may now be filtered to suit your requirements. Using this feature in conjunction with the graph analysis provides the user with complete control over their trip/catch review and analysis.

World Cities Database

To get you up and running as fast as possible, a world cities database has been added. This database contains latitudes and longitudes of most major cities around the globe. For immediate configuration of your sun/moon and solunar information in your area, just select your closest listed city.

Additional GPS Support

Lowrance/Eagle GPS drivers have been added for serial communication to your GPS device.

Spell Checking and Thesaurus

When editing a notes field with the popup note field dialog, spell checking and thesaurus tools are now available on the toolbar.

Fly Fishing Extensions

Users can now enable fly fishing options from the options window (Tools-Options). Enabling fly fishing extensions expands on the current capabilities to include...

  Insect Species table - similar to fish species, but refers to insect species to be used in the logging of insect hatches. Includes Image support, size and relative hook size entries.

 Hatches table - assign any number of hatches to a fishing trip. Includes start and end date and time as well as conditions.

 Catches table - Additional Fly Tippet fields including fly tippet line type, color and size (in X, mil or microns). 

Other Additional Data

Several additional fields/tables have been added including...

Catches Table

 Tide State - User configurable to record state eg: slack water + 2

 Fish Health - user configurable entries eg: healthy, sick etc

 Fish Attitude - user configurable entry eg: aggessive, lethargic etc

 Weather Trend - user configurable entry eg: cooling, stable etc

 Day of Trend - Number of days of current weather trend.

 Bait/Lure Color - Color of bait or lure used.

 Bait/Lure Presentation Speed - user configurable entry eg: slow, fast, stil etc

 Bait/Lure Presentation Direction - user configurable entry eg: horizontal, vertical etc 

Bait/Lure Table

 Images may now be stored with Bait/Lure entries. 

Equipment Use (Under Trips)

 This is a new table to permit users to register what equipment they use on any nominated trip. 

New Options

Several new configuration items have been added in support of new functionality...

 Waypoint background - Enable/Disable transparent waypoint display 

 Default waypoint symbol


 Fly Fishing - enable/disable fly fishing extensions

 Tippet Diameter - in X,mil or microns.

 Insect Species Length - in inches or millimeters. 

Other Misc additions

 Added duplicate waypoint button on waypoints edit dialog.

 The note field edit dialog now retains position and sizing. 

Bug Fixes

Mostly minor fixes and Enhancements including...

 Configuration - reels report was not printing - fixed,

 Corrected omitted sky conditions on catch report. 

26th October 2004: Release 2.0.7 available.

This release signifies a major release of FishInSight, including several new features and enhancements.

Store Your Fishing Images

FishInSight now supports storage of pictures for Trips, Catches, Species and also equipment entries. These images may be scanned or opened from existing files, including you digital camera photographs. All the standard image tools such as cropping and rotation are supported.

The trip, catch, species and equipment reports have been modified to print either your nominated default image, or to print all images on the reports. Just select the option on the print dialog screen prior to requested the print preview.

Individual images can be printed from the Images screen.

Solunar tide force Calculator & Graphs

As the first of many graphing tools planned for the future, FishInSight now includes both Daily and Monthly solunar tables. Together with the solunar calculator, total solunar effects can now be stored with your catches for logging purposes. 

Fish Species Length to Weight Calculator

As a new automated feature of FishInSight, catch weight can now be directed estimated from the measured length for a nominated species. 

Latitude and Longitude Entry

Manual entry of latitude and longitude values has been enhanced to allow the use of alpha characters to be used as follows

°,o,d - are now interpreted as degrees suffix

' - for minutes

" - for seconds 

The standard use of DD:MM:SS and other methods are still supported.

Bug Fixes

Mostly minor fixes and Enhancements including

Magellan interface bug fix when uploading waypoints. Some waypoints were being dropped or incorrectly read

Fixed bug in Garmin interface where comments field was being corrupted

Improved handling of waypoint import/export. The system will now recognize waypoint duplication or name changes.

Fix color schemes for use with Windows XP styled screens

Fix Moon display to correctly rotate based on current hemisphere

Moon Phase (%) label was incorrectly displayed (was based on UTC not local time)

Add check to remove current map files when restoring map database

Added missing address field on contacts edit screen

Fixed report error on null fields

Improved keyboard handling in all edit screens

Maps are now automatically refreshed after uploading waypoints

Fix short keys for menus

Calibration screen now updates immediately when the latitude/longitude display format is changed. 

3rd August 2004: Release 1.29 available.

Fixes many reported issues from initial release and added additional user functionality. Specifically...

Equipment and maintenance Log

FishInSight now includes and equipment and maintenance log to record all of you miscellaneous fishing gear. This provides you with an easy way to monitor service costs and maintenance schedules. The structure has been designed to be highly flexible, allowing the user to configure entries for anything from outboards to fishing license renewals.

Map Backup and Restore

A new backup and restore utility has been added for the backup of map files. While previous versions permitted the backup and restore of database files, both the database and map files may now be backed up.

NB: It is recommended to backup you log files regularly, and before updating the software.

Column Editor

All data grids (trips, catches etcetera) may now be individually customized by the user. The following information is now recorded

Column width - may be changed by dragging the column header separator.

Column Visibility - right click on the grid and select Column Editor from the popup menu.

Column Order - drag the column header to change the displayed column order. 

Additional Reports

Additional reports have been added to allow users to print FishInSight configuration entries, such as bait/lure data. Equipment and maintenance reports have also been added in line with this new functionality.

Configuration records now in TreeView

The configuration of all database entries, such as catch conditions and tackle, are now available from the main screen under the Configuration tree view. Previously these screens were only accessible from the relevant popup screens.

Coordinate Display Selection

Coordinates can now be configured to display in several formats including...

hddd°mm'ss.s" - degrees, minutes in seconds including hemisphere

hddd°mm.mmm - degrees and minutes including hemisphere

hddd.ddddd° - degrees including hemisphere

DMS - degrees, minutes and seconds in entry format (ie: DD:MM:SS)

DMM - degrees and minutes in entry format (DD:MM.MMM)

DDD - degrees in entry format (DD.DDDDD) 

The selection applies to all coordinate displays including waypoint screens, reports and map cursor position(s).

Bug Fixes

Many cleanups have been performed including..

Better support for multiple GPS entries

Enhanced key operations in edit dialogs

Fixed bug when using on systems configured with alpha-numeric short date formats (ie 02-Jul-04)

18th May 2004: Release 1.20.93 available

User Forums - new user forums added to web site.

Immediate fixes to addresses issues with Wxtides32 interface.

Fixed Garmin GPS protocol support for newer units.

5th April 2004: Initial release 1.20.85 available