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FishInSight Feature Overview

FishInSight is feature packed with all the tools needed when planning and logging your fishing experiences. Plot and log your fishing trips using your GPS waypoints, and reference them to your favorite fishing maps.

With an easy to use modern Windows interface, FishInSight is the ultimate logging tool for the keen fisher.

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Trip/Catch Log

Log all your trips and catches, including information such as

Fish Species, weight, girth, length

Sun/Moon And Tide state (automatically calculated)

Weather/Water conditions

Tackle, bait/lure and other equipment used

GPS Waypoint 

Length to Weight Calculator

Catch details are completely configurable to suit your fishing environment. Set up your own data entries for weather definitions, tackle, rods & reels. Add your own species specific to your location(s) and catches. 




Image Storage

There's nothing like a picture to fully document your fishing experiences. Images can be directly imported into FishInSight and associated by trip/catch/species/insect or equipment.


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Advanced Analysis

Using both table filtering and configurable graph definitions, all trip/catch data may be reviewed in graphical form.

This tool empowers the user with a powerful analysis tool to review their previous fishing adventures. Bust those old myths about best fishing conditions through your own analysis. For example, plot moon phase against quantity caught and species.


Sun/Moon and Tides


Sun/Moon and Tide Times

FishInSight provides sun, moon and tide times in the time zone of your local computer and to your specified location. This tool operates worldwide based on your nominated location.

 Daylight saving is automatically calculated in accordance with your time zone.

Tide information is provided based on your location utilizing an additional software application freely available from (provides FishInsight Fishing log tide support). 

Catches and trip entries automatically calculate Sun & Moon rise and set times and tides based on the location, date and time.

[FishInSight observes that wxtide32 is covered by the GNU General Public License.]

Together with the Solunar and tide information, this data is valid until 2037. Never buy almanac tables again.



Solunar Graphs


Advanced Solunar graphs

Unlike other almanacs, FishInSight calculates the best fishing times based on both the moon and sun's effects. FishInSight provides advanced daily and monthly solunar tables for your nominated latitude/longitude and date. 

Results are graphed for easy analysis and can be calculated for any catch entry.


GPS Connectivity


GPS Connectivity

FishInSight allows any number of GPS devices to be configured for management of your Waypoints. Upload, Download, plan or record your trip waypoints for easier catch logging. 

Most Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance and Eagle GPS units (with serial data cable connection) are currently supported. More types are to be included in future versions.

Also, use FishInSight for copying waypoint information between your GPS devices with simple drag 'n drop operations.


Map Calibration


Geographic Mapping

Utilize your own favorite fishing maps for geographically locating and sorting your catches. Images may be imported/exported or scanned into FishInSight.

Any image may be used once calibrated. GPS Waypoints are then automatically located on all maps.

NB: FishInSight is intended for trip logging purposes only. This fishing log software is not intended as a navigation tool. Please refer to official maps and charts for accurate navigation.


Hardcopy reports


Hard Copy Reporting

Whether planning a trip, or logging your catches, a range of hardcopy reports can be readily produced form your selected data.

This example screenshot depicts a typical catch record.




Species Data and Length to Weight Calculator

Configure your own species table to suit you own fishing environment.

Species information include both common and scientific names, as well as specific length to weight coefficients for each entry. Using these coefficients, users may quickly calculate estimated weight through length measurement of their catch.




Equipment and Maintenance Log

Tracks your costs with our maintenance and equipment logs. 

Implementing an open layout, you can track anything from boating equipment to fishing license renewals.


Fly Fishing Extensions


Fly Fishing Extension

If you are a keen fly fisher, FishInSight also includes insect species and hatch log functionality. Associate your trips with insect hatches. Includes image support.