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After researching most other PC based fishing log programs I chose FishInSight; no other program does so much so well. With FishInSight I can record both my regular and fly fishing trip information along with photos, maps, hatch information and data analysis, and a host of other features not found on other programs.  And with free lifetime updates, it just keeps getting better and better. Thanks FishInSight!

Nick Peetros, Bethlehem, PA, USA

Have you ever looked at the expensive mapping programs for hotspots? Wonder if it's it worth it. Let me answer that for you. NO. I have the latest version of a fishing hotspots package and a lot of the data is incorrect for your favorite lake. Will get you in the area of some fish? Maybe, but nothing is better than taking your own GPS along and tracking down the data to download onto your laptop or desktop. Not only that, but there are websites out there that let you download current topo's of your favorite lake and most of the time are free. These files are GREAT to import into FishInsight. With a good Topo, a GPS, and FishInsight, it is way more valuable to me than the hotspots software or any other mapping program since I don't use a GPS Fish Finder. Plus, with the other programs, you can't log all the IMPORTANT data you experience on each individual trip you take. That is what I consider the most important info of all. I even take this info on my laptop with me when I go camping, never know when a conversation might strike up where a good spot is, listen to the person you are talking to carefully, show them your digital map, and log that data in. Whalla! A new place to check out and decide quickly if it was valuable info or a waste of time. If that don't grab your eye, my fising has improved dramatically within the past 30 days of using FishInsight. I strongly recommend it.

Chris Waggoner, Indiana, USA

Firstly, I would like to thank you in producing FishInSight, a real fisherman's friend. I am a keen UK Sea Bass angler and I have found this tool invaluable for Recording and analysing my catch records throughout the fishing season. What's more the programme incorporates a tide table and solunar information. Since using FishInSight I have at last been able to analyse my results and although no software in the world is 100% accurate, I have been able to spot trends and view graphs of successful and not so successful trips out and adjust my visits accordingly. It has worked! To any angler wanting to log their angling experiences and trips (and of course try to get better catch rates) I thoroughly recommend FishInSight. 

A happy fisherman. Thank you.